Home Seller’s Guide

Ryan WheelerRyan Wheeler has years of experience helping people sell their homes in the Shreveport, LA area. When it comes to selling a home it’s important to have a solid networking, marketing and advertising strategy. We want to reach the right people and show them why your property is a great place to call home. That’s why we use a variety of tried-and-true methods that will give your property a wealth of exposure to help it sell fast.


We understand that our responsibility is to sell your property for as much as the market will allow within the time frame that you desire. In order to do that we must correctly price your house from the start to capitalize on the majority of showings which usually happen within the first month your home is on the market. Failing to properly price your home could result in overpricing which can lead to lower offer prices and deals that fall through. So we will work with you to set a price that maximizes your benefits.

Property Analysis

In order for your property to be properly presented to the market we will thoroughly analyze it to ensure all steps are taken to avoid any delays. We can also make recommendations to help you “optimize” your home in order to give it the best chance to sell fast. This includes tips and suggestions to have it looking its best for interested buyers.


In order for your property to sell fast and for the price you hope it will, a strong marketing strategy is imperative. By working with an experienced agent with the resources and connections needed to get your listing in front of the right people, you can sell faster and for a higher price. We have all of the marketing resources needed in order to sell quicker and get you the best deal possible.

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